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LiveJournal VP Quits

VP of Product Management at LiveJournal, Jason Shellen, has quit. He twittered this morning: "I resigned my post at LiveJournal on Monday. It was only 3 months but it was long enough to realize it wasn't a fit. Onward and upward!" and Valleywag picked it up.

There are no announcements in news or lj_biz. lj_biz was last updated in December.


Huh. Somehow I'm not surprised. Thanks for the news! :^)
Yeah. Probably SUP is as dysfunctional on the inside as on the outside. Not a place I'd like to work at, that's for sure.
Har. This is my Not Surprised face! And yeah, the article was about right with the "corporate drama" tradition of LJ.
Yeah, I don't think I'd work for SUP even if they offered me a Green Card. *shakes paw*