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The End of a Splendid Day

Point Montara Lighthouse


Wow! Lovely.

By the way, I got the first season of The West Wing in the post today. So it was a bit delayed, but it got here eventually anyway. Thanks for that! :^)
I love The West Wing... just finished season 4 and getting ready to start on season 5.
So only late by 2 months then? Not bad for Royal Mail. :-) Glad you got it in the end.
I think I need a February icon now.
that looks so peaceful!
It was. There was a hostel, so you could stay there.
Ooooo... a lighthouse! :)

I haven't seen any on the west coast.
Hehe, I thought that might get your attention. There is one to the south of HMB too. It's on my to-do list.
I saw a file of satnav points of interests for lighthouses and thought of you. Can you download stuff like that to the built-in GPS in your Prius?
I can't download to the GPS in the Prius that I know of. I don't know why they didn't think of that since the car has Bluetooth. I can input latitude and longitude though which is what I have been doing.