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Birthday on Pleasanton Ridge

The weather was cloudy but it didn't rain, so I could be outside today. I decided to spend my birthday hiking up on Pleasanton Ridge. Here are some hills on the other side of Interstate 680. I liked the symmetry.
Symmetrical hills
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It is not known who planted the olive groves on Pleasanton Ridge but squirrels and birds sure seem to appreciate them. This is from a tree planted by wildlife.
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While I was walking on top of the ridge I kept hearing a raven cawing. It was sitting in an oak by the southernmost bit of the Ridgeline Trail. The best photo of it, I got when it realised I was stalking it and took off, flying over my head.

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My favourite oak is still going strong, from what I can tell. It's the same as in my icon.
My favourite oak
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The hills of Sunol seen from the Woodland Trail.
Sunol hills
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It was also on the Woodland Trail that I found these fungi growing on a fallen oak.
Fungi growing on fallen oak
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There are two more photos of oaks in aforestwhisper.


Happy Birthday Apel! What a lovely green walk you had. The oak tree seems like a welcoming goddess. Welcoming the rain and getting ready to offer its new leaves very soon.
Thanks clwriter.