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Sick and Travel Day Tomorrow

During the day I've been developing a sore throat and now I'm starting to get sniffy too. I'd better go find something to drink, so I can knock this cold before it has me in its grip. Tomorrow's flight isn't going to help.

Tomorrow I'm leaving Newark at noon and arriving at San Francisco around 8. I got the cheapest flight I could find, so it has a stop over in Charlotte, NC. Charlotte is supposed to be pretty but the airport is probably just like all other airports. Hopefully I can buy another book or some magazines to while away the time.

I'm flying with US Airways. One leg is done by US Express and/or Mesa Airlines. Give it to me straight, just how bad are these airlines? These were the cheapest flights I could find, so my expectations aren't high.


I'm sorry to say, I've had a very very bad experience with US Air. So much so, that they gave my husband and me two free tickets to anywhere in the US to make up for it, and we have no plan to use them. Ever.

US Express and Mesa, I'm not sure about. I've flown United Express, which is very good.

Sorry about the cold. Flying with a sore throat is the worst, because it's so dry in the plane. Keep those fluids going!
In the end the flight was OK. I saw some stats that backed up your impression, though. But I guess everything can't go horribly wrong all the time. :-)
These airlines should be OK. There may be a higher chance of flights being late or canceled, and a tougher time getting rebooked if they are. But if the E Coast weather is OK today, you'll probably be fine. Hope you enjoy your flights. It's cool and cloudy near San Francisco today - not unlike southern England this time of year. Could be foggy tonight, and if so you may get to circle the Bay a time or two, as landings are single-queued. Should be more sunshine tomorrow.
We ended up circling once but that was OK.