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Cornwall: More St. Mawes

St. Mawes is at the tip of the Roseland Peninsula, part of the River Fal estuary. Further out is the headland of St. Anthony. This is the lighthouse on the headland taken from St. Mawes castle. As you can see, even though it was about noon, the light levels were very low. This was going to be a problem during the whole trip. A lot of the time the cloud cover was just too dense to get good photos.
Lighthouse of St. Anthony
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St Anthony lighthouse with St. Mawes castle in the foreground in landscape

Along the waterfront, I found this Georgian wallbox. The bright red was a sorely needed counterpoint to the leaden skies.
Georgian postbox
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Exploring the steep, alley-like streets of central St. Mawes, we came across this holy well. The plaque on the left says "St. Mawes holy well, dating from 6th Century, the Arch 15th Century." St. Mawes is one of the Christian Irish saints that came to Cornwall in the sixth century.
St. Mawes holy well
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Door to the Holy Well in waterflow

When we got home from our trip to St. Just, I took a few shots of the water front at dusk.
St. Mawes by night in ruralphotos

Here I've zoomed in and am showing just the harbour. The restaurant on the right is open but we never tried it. The menu looked a lot posher than the Victory Inn's and the chances of it being even friendlier were pretty much nil.
St. Mawes harbour by night
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These are all lovely. I always enjoy your posts, thank you :)
Thanks - I've always wanted to visit Cornwall. Now I have another spot to add to the list. Maybe next year... :)
hi! noticed you on the rural photography community - love your images, hope it's ok to add you.