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Hike near Slad

I parked my car at Bulls Cross on the B4070, east of Painswick (Kieron's favourite B-road, he says) and took the Wysis Way down and up and down and up again, before heading south toward Slad. But I didn't have time to go all the way to Slad before the sun was setting, so I ended up taking a lane most of the way back.

Looking down the steep slope toward Slad Brook and Bulls Cross on the previous ridge.

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Snow Farm had placed this ancient tractor like an exhibit to be admired, so I took a photo. There was also an ancient white-muzzled black lab there. It was barking and growling at me when it took me a while to find the footpath but I couldn't help feeling that he was mostly just going through the motions.
Old Tractor at Snow Farm
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Slad looks tantalising through the smoke from a leaf fire. One day I'll make it there. If the name of the village rings a bell, it's probably because of Cider with Rosie.
Slad from the north
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Down Farm, on the right, is easily the stateliest farm in the valley.
Down Farm, near Slad
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Snow Farm is a lot more modest. As I was motoring up the hill here, I was wondering what it would have been like to live in Cheltenham all eight years I've lived in the UK. I think my impression of England would certainly have been more favourable if my commute had gone through such beautiful, tranquil places rather than the aesthetic misery of the London Underground.
Snow Farm
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The last photo of the day, as the sun was setting. I was nearly back by the car.
Sunset near Bulls Cross
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As always, thank you for letting me see those gorgeous photos!
And thank you for taking the time to respond.


Lovely pictures, thank you for sharing. I grew up in Stroud and was lucky enough to spend a large amount of my teenage years horse riding from Down Farm in Slad, i can honestly say those were my happiest years.
Sadly i have now moved away from that beautiful countryside to be with family, but your pictures brought back wonderful memories.

Swifts hill is definately worth a visit also, i went to primary school with the girl who lived in the big house at the bottom, i often wonder what she is doing now since that was over 20 years ago.

Re: Slad

Thanks for your comment.

It's a wonderful area. By now I've been living in California for a year, so I don't expect I'll ever make it to Swift Hill. There are other beautiful places around here, though.
How lovely - Slad is a fantastic place to wlk, especially if you go up Swifts Hill and potter around the back lanes and footpaths. My favourite cousin lived there when I was a child, so I have really fond memories of it :)
Swifts Hill looks promising. Perhaps I'll yet get there.