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Moving: Progress Report

Today's been very productive. Most importantly I've arranged to have my mail forwarded to Kieron's flat from next week. I also sent off Mae's West Wing DVD's while I was at the Post Office anyway.

The curtains are being cleaned. I should get them back tomorrow. It will set me back £60. In the bedroom I've put up a fleece blanket but I don't think it will be enough. There's a lamppost outside my bedroom window *points at icon*. That wouldn't be so much of a problem if it could just make up its mind about being lit or not. Unfortunately it turns on and off at irregular intervals. I think that I'm going to end up with bin bags taped to the bedroom window tonight.

I've called a local charity shop that sells furniture. They will come and pick up my couch and other furniture next Monday. They've said between 9.30 and 5 so I need to drive back from Cheltenham on Sunday evening, or face Monday morning rush hour traffic. This weekend I'm going to Cheltenham with a carload of stuff.

As I've already mentioned, I've talked to the letting agent and arranged for the check-out procedure on 21 December. If I'm done earlier, I'll call them and try to reschedule. I sincerely hope that will be the case. They were also finally going to send me the letter that sets down the rules for what they expect when I hand over the flat. That's good. Nothing like clear expectations so you know where you stand.

On the weekend I picked up the re-upholstered footstool. It had suffered from too many close encounters with a nail file, so the cover was shot. The new one is actually nicer. The old cover was "decorated" with 8 fabric-covered buttons. That was incredibly busy. For the new cover I chose to forego buttons completely. It looks a lot calmer and more stylish, in my opinion.

I also went to Amaravati to donate four bags of books. It was a long drive but worth it. Hopefully they will come to good use. Their library had a lot of very diverse books about all sorts of religious and philosophical topics. My Modern Pagans, 12-step recovery books, Ruskin biography and guide to Robert Anton Wilson should be right at home there. It was sad saying good bye to the temple for the last time, particularly since I couldn't get in there. They're still working on the heating.

Amaravati temple Buddha statue
Wallpaper, feel free to use

I've been looking at (not very good) photos from a garden in St. Louis Obispo and got a serious case of longing for California. The weather here has been dismal most of the day. Dark and dreary. The constant dusk gets to me. I need to get outside more but that's hard when it's pissing down.

Tomorrow will likely be my last day of work. In that case I'll go into the office on Wednesday to collect my things, submit timesheets etc. That would be good because then I have all of Thursday and part of Friday to disassemble stuff and load the car. I also should top up the tyres before I go to Cheltenham on Friday afternoon.


Thanks for posting the DVDs! I'll let you know when they get here. :^)