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Excel: Top Left Alignment and Wrapping?

In Excel by default cells are aligned middle and left and contents don't wrap. I'd like if every time I opened a new Excel document the default was that alignment is top left and contents are set to wrap. Can I set that somewhere?

I'm tired of having to highlight cells and change them only after I've added content to them.


What you want, I ween, is the Excel equivalent of Normal.dot--which doesn't exist by default in Excel, but can, according to my research, be made.

Open a workbook and customize it as you would like. Then, save is as an Excel template, file name Book.xlt, and save it to the XLStart folder. On a PC, that defaults to:

C:\Documents and Settings\username\Application Data\Microsoft\Excel\XLSTART

And on Mac:
Applications/Microsoft Office X/Office/Startup/Excel

Hope that helps!

-- Lorrie
Thanks Lorrie, I'll try that.