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Usability: Personas Links

Personas are fictional characters created to support the process of arriving at an information architecture and visual design for web sites and software applications. The first two articles are must-reads.

Persona Creation and Usage Toolkit by George Olsen, formerly of Yahoo
Notes on Design Practice: Stories and Prototypes as Catalysts for Communication by Thomas Erickson, formerly of Apple

Bringing Your Personas to Life in Real Life by Elan Freydenson
Creating and Using Personas and Scenarios to Guide Site Design by Dai Pham and Janiece Greene from Razorfish
Personas for the S2S Project by Geoff M. Glaze
Perfecting Your Personas by Kim Goodwin, Director of Design at Cooper Interaction Design
Whispered Advice to The Graduate: Personas by Bryan Eisenberg
Highlights from a discussion about personas on the Interaction Design Association's message board
Reconciling market segments and personas by Elaine Brechin, Senior Designer at Cooper Interactive Design

The Inmates Are Running the Asylum: Why High-tech Products Drive Us Crazy and How to Restore the Sanity


I will bookmark that - part of my work is on speech synthesis, which is a lot about creating voices that suit personas